Workers Compensation Insurance • Payroll Services


We’ve assembled the best in the business to break tradition and build a company unlike any in the industry.


Omaha National provides workers compensation insurance and payroll services to small and midsize companies through agents and brokers.


Welcome to a smarter, better way of doing business. We’re setting a new standard of excellence and innovation.


At Omaha National our approach is simple – do everything smarter, better, and faster than anyone else. We’ve taken decades of experience and built a company that replaces archaic industry practices with smarter strategies and streamlined processes. Employers benefit from superior claims outcomes and superb payroll services. We partner closely with agents and brokers, providing them with effective sales and marketing support. State-of-the-art technology is used in all our business processes. Every employer will experience a level of service, professionalism, and attention to detail not normally seen in the industry. It’s a difference you’ll notice from day one.


Omaha National is a premier workers compensation provider. Employers count on us to make sure their valued injured workers get the best medical care available for a rapid, successful medical recovery. We close claims faster and at a lower cost by providing excellent service to injured workers while aggressively fighting fraud and preventing unnecessary, risky medical procedures. All key claims functions are performed in-house by our own hand-picked, exceptionally qualified staff, employing unique, innovative strategies. Exceptional claims outcomes can lead to lower experience modifiers for employers.

Workers compensation is the only insurance we provide, and we do it well. We provide A (Excellent) coverage to a broad range of industries in a growing number of states. Our underwriting is rigorous and our prices are competitive and fair. Once you’ve worked with Omaha National, you’ll never want to be insured by anyone else.


With Omaha National’s payroll service, employers get the convenience of the latest payroll technology combined with friendly assistance from experienced payroll professionals.

The benefits of our payroll service include:

  • With each payroll cycle, workers compensation premiums are calculated and paid, simplifying budgeting and audits (no surprise adjustments at year-end).
  • Timesheets and payroll reports can be easily accessed online via desktop or mobile devices.
  • Employers enjoy time-saving features such as job costing, wage garnishment administration, benefit tracking, and more.
  • With our Premier Program employees have the convenience of clocking in/out and accessing paystubs online 24/7, while employers receive enhanced security through advanced functions like IP address control and geofencing.