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Designing and developing proprietary software in-house is central to our strategic approach. All design and development is done in-house; nothing is outsourced. Designing our own operational software allows us to embed our unique strategic and tactical approaches in our working application, empowering our employees to work efficiently and produce exceptional outcomes. And because working within well-designed software is more enjoyable, it supports our uniquely positive workplace culture.

This strategy is embodied in Oncore, which we are building into a comprehensive enterprise application, within which all strategically significant work in our company will be performed. Because we perform important work in-house rather than sending it to outside vendors, all of our work can be performed within the Oncore application, creating a robust, closely coordinated, highly collaborative digital workplace.

In 2021, we implemented the first Oncore module, Oncore Claims, to provide our already highly, successful claims management operation with a powerful new software environment that we expect will enable even better outcomes.

Oncore will allow our team to focus on what they do best, serving small businesses, helping employees return to work, and proactively managing claim costs.