“We are really enjoying your payroll services! It’s a nice change”
– Lonnie J. / Chico, CA

“Thanks for all your assistance.  I know it’s your job, but you are making it enjoyable and easy to make the transition over.”
– Jane W. / Ukiah, CA

“I’ve been really impressed with this company. I wish I had you 10 years ago.”
– Scott R. / Sand City, CA

“Honestly, I love how you’re always on the other end of the phone when I need anything.”
– Emma H. / Thousand Oaks, CA

“Thank you for making my payroll easy!”
– Vicki P. / Pittsburg, CA

“The service you are providing is fantastic! I really appreciate it!”
– Brian S. / Napa, CA

“Once we were up and running with your payroll service, there have been no hiccups or issues of any kind. Should have found you guys sooner.”
– Tom B. / Clovis, CA


See how our tailor-made payroll options help businesses run faster, better, and simpler.

Omaha National’s Payroll Service provides small and mid-size companies with the same state-of-the-art technology and exceptional customer support traditionally reserved for big businesses. We offer several payroll programs so you can choose the one that is the best fit for your company. It’s easy to make the switch; our dedicated team ensures a seamless transition from your current payroll system.

Our payroll system includes:

  • Reports provide comprehensive payroll information quickly and easily
  • Optional clock-in/out system makes it easy to track attendance, hours worked, and vacation requests
  • Optional app for mobile devices allows employees to access payroll through their phones and tablets
  • Geofencing feature allows clocking in/out only from specific locations, such as a jobsite
  • New hires automatically reported to the appropriate agencies
  • Payroll alerts can be set for deadlines and special circumstances
  • State, federal, and local taxes withheld and reported
  • Wage garnishments set up, deducted, and remitted to state agencies
  • W-2 reports generated at year-end, including former employees and online access for reprints
  • Tracking and accrual of sick and vacation time


We save you money by closing your claims faster and at a lower cost. We do this in two ways:

  • When your valuable employees get hurt, our claims team is ready to help. We answer their questions and give them guidance and comfort; we arrange for prompt, high-quality medical care; we provide benefits accurately and on time; and we help them get better and get back to work safely and successfully. Injured workers love how we help them in their time of need. It’s great for your employees and it’s great for you, because that is the fastest and least expensive way to manage a legitimate claim.
  • But we handle fraudulent claims very differently. We take fake and exaggerated claims seriously; we have your back. We investigate thoroughly and take aggressive action to shut the claim down so your experience modifier won’t be inflated by phony claim costs.

The sooner we know about an injury, the better. Report injuries immediately to 844-761-8400 or click on the button below.

Report an Injury


Our custom Medical Provider Network includes the best medical specialists to treat your injured employee. High-quality medical care that heals the employee is the quickest, most cost-effective way to resolve a claim.

Unfortunately, some medical providers who treat workers compensation injuries seek to perform unnecessary, risky procedures. Our in-house Utilization Review unit prevents such procedures, protecting the health of your employee and avoiding unnecessary cost.

Medical bills often include inflated charges. Our in-house Medical Bill Review unit reviews the bills and reduces or eliminates inflated charges, ensuring the correct amounts are paid for the treatment provided. Overall, billed charges are reduced by more than 70%.

While many insurance companies hire outside vendors to perform this work, we do it ourselves. We hire highly qualified nurses and certified professional coders to ensure medical care is effective and cost-efficient.

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