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Our flexible payment options help businesses run faster, better, and simpler.



Pay 12 equal installments based on estimated annual premium.


The easiest and most accurate method is to enroll in one of our three payroll programs. Premiums are automatically calculated with each payroll cycle.


Premiums are calculated at the end of each month based on actual payroll reported to us. Simply login to our secure portal and enter the gross payroll by class code and then submit.


We save you money by closing your claims faster and at a lower cost. We do this in two ways:

  • When an employee gets hurt, our claims team is ready to help. We answer their questions and give them guidance and comfort; we arrange for prompt, high-quality medical care; we provide benefits accurately and on time; and we help them get better and back to work safely and successfully. Injured workers appreciate how we help them in their time of need. It’s great for your employees and it’s great for you, because that is the fastest and least expensive way to manage a legitimate claim.
  • We handle fraudulent claims very differently. We take fake and exaggerated claims seriously; we have your back. We investigate thoroughly and take aggressive action to shut the claim down so your experience modifier will not be inflated by phony claim costs.

Report a claim


Our custom medical provider networks and panels include the best medical specialists to treat your injured employee. High-quality medical care that heals the employee is the quickest, most cost-effective way to resolve a claim.

Our in-house Utilization Review unit prevents unnecessary, risky procedures to protect the health of your employee and avoid unnecessary cost.

Medical bills often include inflated charges. Our in-house Medical Bill Review unit reviews the bills and eliminates inflated charges, ensuring the correct amounts are paid for the treatment provided. Overall, billed charges are reduced by more than 70%, which has a positive impact on your experience modifier.

While many insurance companies hire outside vendors to perform this important work, we do it ourselves. We hire highly qualified nurses and certified professional coders to ensure medical care is effective and cost-efficient.

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  • “You guys have been great and so helpful. From what we were used to before Omaha National, it's been a breath of fresh air!”

    - Derek P / San Diego, CA

  • "Thank you for being so kind, helpful, and patient. You are the nicest people I have worked with and you make my job of handling payroll so much easier!"

    – Barbara S. /Long Beach, CA

  • "Your payroll staff is so helpful! Everything is very upfront with no “hidden” fees or pricing."

    – Jordan C. / Santee, California

  • "The way Omaha National treated my client during the COVID crisis was the best we have seen from any of our other carriers.  They really appreciate all of the support and assistance with their claims"

    – Eric D. / Irvine, CA

  • "I’ve been really impressed with this company. I wish I had you 10 years ago."

    - Scott R. / Sand City, CA

  • "Thank you for taking care of my clients."

    - Rolly R. / Bakersfield, CA

  • "We are really enjoying your payroll services! It’s a nice change"

    - Lonnie J. / Chico, CA

  • "Thanks for all your assistance.  I know it’s your job, but you are making it enjoyable and easy to make the transition over."

    - Jane W. / Ukiah, CA

  • "Honestly, I love how you’re always on the other end of the phone when I need anything."

    - Emma H. / Thousand Oaks, CA

  • "Once we were up and running with your payroll service, there have been no hiccups or issues of any kind. Should have found you guys sooner."

    - Tom B / Clovis, CA

  • “Thank you for making my payroll easy!”

    – Vicki P. / Pittsburg, CA

  • “The service you are providing is fantastic! I really appreciate it!”

    - Brian S. / Napa, CA

  • “You guys are awesome!!! We are so happy to have you as our payroll folks.”

    - Wendy S. / Lake, CA