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We asked
“What if?”

We founded Omaha National to answer some questions. What if we consistently did the right thing for our injured workers, our broker partners, and the companies we insure? What if we rejected industry conventional thinking and followed strategies that make sense and produce better results for everyone? What if we hired exceptional people and provided them with a uniquely positive workplace in which to build rewarding careers?

What if we built a company that is smart, different, and better?

Here’s what happened

Business is booming
After just 21 months of marketing we’ve already grown to more than $30 million in written premium. During 2018 our premium grew about 500%. We insure hundreds of small to mid-size businesses.

We’ve built strong partnerships
Omaha National has already placed business through 460 independent agents and brokers in our initial market of California. We’re establishing partnerships in additional states as we grow into a national workers compensation insurance provider.

Insurtech is in our DNA
We’re developing proprietary software applications that will put us far ahead of the competition in an industry that has been technologically complacent for decades.

Our company is growing
Omaha National launched in the summer of 2016 with six founders. By the end of 2019 we’ll have more than 90 employees. We’ve assembled an exceptionally talented team and look forward to providing rewarding careers for hundreds more as we continue to grow.

The future looks bright
Our key performance indicators point toward an outstanding level of success. Unlike many other insurance startups, our loss ratio is already significantly lower than the industry average.

We’ve helped a lot of people
We’ve helped workers with severe injuries achieve remarkable medical outcomes, healing more quickly and fully than seemed possible during the early treatment of the injury. We’ve also promptly paid settlements to injured workers rather than forcing them to jump through hoops and suffer years of delay, which is all too common in the industry. We’ve brought more than 50% of our 2018 disability claims to a successful conclusion – far exceeding the industry average of 28%.

Our customer feedback has been exceptional
Here are a few of the thoughtful comments we have received:

“I gotta say, I’ve been really impressed with this company. I wish I had you 10 years ago.” – Scott R., Monterey, CA

“One thing I have noticed is that once we were up and running with your payroll service, there has been no hiccups or issues of any kind. Should have found you guys sooner. Great job!” – Tom B., Sanger, CA

“You have always made time for me and my silly questions. Please know how appreciative I am; it has been a pleasure working with you.” – Margie R., San Marcos, CA

“Can I just say how happy I am with you! Honestly, I love how you’re always on the other end of the phone when I need something.” – Emma H., Thousand Oaks, CA